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FranklinCovey Launches Next Generation Courses, Leading at the Speed of Trust and Working at the Speed of Trust, to Meet the Challenges Organizations Are Facing Today

November 2, 2023 at 6:07 AM EDT

Timely, Relevant Courses Provide Leaders and Individual Contributors with the Mindset and Skillset to Build High-Trust Teams and Organizational Cultures That Continuously Deliver Breakthrough Results

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 2, 2023-- FranklinCovey (NYSE: FC), one of the largest and most trusted leadership companies in the world, announced today the launch of two next generation courses, Leading at the Speed of Trust® and Working at the Speed of Trust®, to meet the significant challenges organizations, teams and individual contributors are facing today. The timely and relevant new courses provide leaders and individual contributors respectively with the mindset, skillset, and behaviors to build high-trust teams and organizational cultures that continuously deliver breakthrough results.

As low-trust issues are rampant, and with people working virtually all over the world, the need for “trust networks” has become a baseline requirement to ensure a thriving organization. Such driving forces include: remote or hybrid employees who don’t feel trusted by their leader, so they disengage; low or no trust between team members in remote or hybrid environments; lack of communication and collaboration within intact or cross-functional teams; lack of psychological safety within the team; lack of meaningful collaboration, decision-making and innovation; lack of effective change management; silos; and mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, layoffs – also known as “potential job threatening strategies.”

Nearly every issue that organizations struggle with today is trust related. Both courses have been updated to provide solutions to these and other complex issues. With a more contemporary look and feel, they’re delivered over the robust FranklinCovey Impact Platform, making the skills of creating trust even more accessible, actionable, measurable, and lasting.

“Everything leaders and individual contributors say and do affects the level of trust in their team. When trust is low, people become suspicious, guard communication, speculate, and disengage. Productivity grinds to a crawl, and costs increase. These are trust taxes. When trust is high, people become confident, and communication, creativity, and engagement improve. Productivity speeds up and costs decrease. These are trust dividends. As today’s global currency, trust is a tangible and measurable performance multiplier that continuously pays over and over again. It’s the one thing that changes everything,” said Stephen M. R. Covey, Founder, FranklinCovey Global Trust Practice, author of the mega-bestsellers, The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything and Trust & Inspire: How Truly Great Leaders Unleash Greatness in Others, and the course content expert on the Leading at the Speed of Trust and Working at the Speed of Trust courses.

Research supports Covey’s assertion that trust is the one lever that increases organizational performance:

  • Employees who trust their leaders are 61 percent more likely to stay. (Khoury, Ghassan, and Steve Crabtree. “Are Businesses Worldwide Suffering From a Trust Crisis?” The Real Future of Work: The Trust Issue 3. (February 6, 2019) Gallup.)
  • Colleagues working in a high-trust group experience 90 percent more joy. (Johannsen, Rebecca, and Paul J. Zak. “The Neuroscience of Organizational Trust and Business Performance: Findings from United States Working Adults and an Intervention at an Online Retailer.” Frontiers in Psychology 11 (January 11, 2021)).
  • Organizations with the highest levels of trust have 3.6 times more revenue growth than organizations with the lowest levels of trust. (Bush, Michael C., and Dan Ariely. Essay. In A Great Place to Work for All: Better for Business, Better for People, Better for the World, 58–60. Oakland, CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2018.))

Anne Chow, Former CEO, AT&T Business, said, “Now more than ever, trust is foundational to a company’s livelihood and growth. Building, nurturing, and sustaining a culture of trust, as well as a solid, trusted reputation, are critical to every organization’s ability to thrive. Businesses that prioritize trust as a cultural strategic imperative will increase the probability of success across their full slate of priorities. As a senior executive, I personally invested in this and can tell you there’s no better solution than FranklinCovey’s Speed of Trust for developing high-trust leaders, teams, and organizations.”

Doug Faber, FranklinCovey Global Trust Practice Leader, said, “Both Leading at the Speed of Trust—designed for leaders at all levels—and Working at the Speed of Trust—designed for individual contributors—help learners strengthen their trust signals in all relationships to convert trust taxes into trust dividends and propel themselves and their team further and faster. Both courses are most impactful when taught and implemented simultaneously, or taken as an intact team, or as an organizational-wide initiative, where all leaders and contributors benefit from The Speed of Trust. Everyone gains the skills they need to support each other in creating a high trust culture.”

Leaders and individual contributors will experience the following during the course:


Participant Results:

The Case for Trust

  • “See” the impact of trust on speed and cost of work to convert trust taxes into trust dividends. Leaders measure that impact.
  • Understand that credibility and behavior are always connected to model high trust.

Be a High-Trust Leader/ Contributor

  • Leaders discover evidence of high- and low- personal trust through the Speed of Trust Leader Assessment (a 360 instrument). Individual Contributors discover their credibility through a series of self-discovery exercises.
  • Model personal credibility, demonstrate high-trust behaviors, and avoid counterfeit behaviors, to generate trust dividends by building trust with others.

Extend, Restore, and Develop Trust

  • Prepare for and structure conversations that extend, restore, and develop trust in relationships.

Be a High-Trust Team (Optional for intact teams.)

  • Discover evidence of high- and low trust among the team through the Speed of Trust Team Assessment.
  • Model credibility and demonstrate high-trust behaviors as a collective team.
  • Action planning to strengthen personal trust to drive intra-team trust and performance

Optionally, a fourth session, Be a High-Trust Team, is available for intact teams after completing a Leading at the Speed of Trust or Working at the Speed of Trust course. Be a High-Trust Team is a 120-minute interactive and consultative session, leveraging the intact team’s data-driven insights from the Speed of Trust Team Assessment to precisely reveal and guide high-stakes topics. Teams apply the 4 Cores of Credibility and the 13 Behaviors® of High Trust, further strengthening the skills of personal trust learned during the course.

Paul Walker, FranklinCovey CEO said, “The world’s circumstance aligns with our area of focus, based on what the highest performing organizations do well, which is to build that inclusive high-trust culture. Our unique approach to building trust in leaders and their teams includes our powerful, Speed of Trust content, which is based on decades of research and development, our expert consultants, facilitators and coaches, and our innovative Impact Platform, which supports and reinforces lasting behavior at scale. With this combination, our clients build collective trust at scale and their organizations are enabled to consistently deliver breakthrough results.”

Both courses consist of three sessions and are available in multiple learning modalities. Each session includes reinforcement microlearning and the optional fourth session is available Live-in-Person or Live-Online for intact teams who have completed a Speed of Trust course.

  • Live in Person: Three 120-minute sessions (Optional fourth session for intact teams)
  • Live-Online: Three 90-minute sessions (Optional fourth session for intact teams)
  • On Demand: Three 30-minute sessions

The courses include:

- 360 Diagnostic

  • With the Speed of Trust Leader Assessment for leaders

- Participant Guide

- Speed of Trust Action Cards

- Ongoing learning includes Application Challenges, Automated Reinforcement, learner and client selected On Demand learning, Trust Huddles, updated 360 Diagnostic (with an updated Speed of Trust Leader Assessment for leaders)

- Optional Module 4: Speed of Trust Team Assessment, digital participant toolkit, Speed of Trust Action Cards, Trust Huddles

The courses are available through the FranklinCovey All Access Pass®, which allows organizations to expand their reach, achieve their business objectives, and sustainably impact performance. It provides access to a vast library of FranklinCovey content, including assessments, training courses, tools, and resources available Live In-Person, Live-Online, and On Demand. For more information, visit, or call 888-868-1776.

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